March 17, 2023

Sedona, AZ sunrise elopement | Rachael & Andrew

Sedona, Arizona elopement/intimate vow exchange
This was the elopement I’ve always dreamed of shooting. Picture this, you’ve made the decision with your partner that the whole “big wedding” just isn’t your style. Now what? There’s a reason why I specialize in elopement planning and creating intentional experiences for my couples and it’s because I truly believe that your wedding day/experience should reflect both your style and how you want to feel looking back on your photos.

The Hike
We started the morning hike at Soldiers Pass in complete darkness; headlamps and all. Definitely not for everyone but it was the only way to get up to the top of the trail by sunrise. Having a plan and doing lots of research prior to the elopement was necessary but even then, an experience like this will be something you’ll never forget and the views along the way will always stay with me. Rachael & Andrew hiked most of the way up in comfy clothes and changed into their wedding attire once the sun was starting to rise and we scoped out a spot for their intimate vow exchange. Every minute felt intentional and sacred. The trail was ours and mother nature delivered the most stunning sunrise that morning.

The Ceremony
This was not your typical wedding day ceremony and both Rachael and Andrew were extremely thoughtful with how they planned their whole week out in Sedona. The sun started to rise over the top of the red clay mountains that surrounded us in the distance as they read their vows to each other. Twin flames. Soulmates. Serendipity. These words come to mind when I think back on this chilly October morning as I was holding back tears basically the entire time.

Soldier’s Pass Portrait Locations
Let me preface this by saying that we went into the hike on a search for some secret caves. Once we got to a point in the hike that seemed close to the obscure directions found online, Andrew turned into a mountain goat and spent a solid 10 minutes climbing around searching for these mysterious caves… I’ve since gone back to the trail to search for them in broad daylight with my partner but still no luck! It wasn’t meant to be but I believe the location and timing of their ceremony was for a reason unknown to us and from there, we were able to explore for the rest of the 5 hours we spent on the trail. Check out a few of these spots in the photos below and maybe if I’m lucky, you’ll bring me back out to Arizona for more intimate celebrations of your own!

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